《GW Outing info》Kyoto pref. Ota-jinja shrine, Deity:Amanouzume no Mikoto.

If you visit on Kansai area in Japan on May,
why don’t you go and see beautiful wild water irises to Ota-jinja shrine at Kyoto.
(Sorry there is No photo of irises right now 2019 May)


《another name:Onta sha》 Original God for entertainment

From Kyoto City Office signboard.

Mentioned in writings dating back a thousand years, this shrine is truly ancient in origin.
While there are many stories of its founding, it is considered to have been a seat of worship
since before written history began, making it possibly the oldest shrine in Kyoto.


National natural monument : The colony of wild water irises

From Kyoto City Office signboard.

The shrine also has beautiful wild water irises that grow in the marsh on the eastern side of
The grounds. They have grown here for more than a millennium, and have become a noted
flowers, making a calming sight for visitors.
This colony of irises has been registered by the Japanese government as a Natural Monument.


Access:From Kami-gamo shrine about 8 min. by walk

《Public transportation》
From Kitayama station(SUBWAY)
about 5 min. by taxi
From Kami-gamo shrine (City bus)
About 8 min. by walk