Outing info. Beautiful blooming Lotus in Osaka Japan.

About an information of Notable site of “LOTUS” in Osaka pref. Japan


《Lotus Week& Lotus Festival in Nagai Botanical Garden》

Annual Lotus Event at Nagai Botanical Garden.
One week for Early morning opening and two days Festival.

For now, we don’t have official information about Event period,
so we predict the date for 2019. (2019 May 14)


Prediction for 2019 Lotus Event and Past data (2015~2018)

From past event data,
Lotus Week usually start from First Sat. of July,
and Lotus Festival hold on Second weekend.

《Opening early Morning》
Period: 7/6(Sat)~7/15(Mon / holiday)
Time: 7:30~

《Lotus Festival》
Period: 7/14(Sun)・7/15(Mon / holiday)
Time: 9:00~11:00

《Event record from 2016 to 2018》

《Opening early Morning》
Period: 7/7(Sat)~7/16(Mon / holiday)
Time: 7:30~

《Lotus Festival》
Period: 7/15(Sun)・7/16(Mon / holiday)
Time: 9:00~11:00

《Opening early Morning》
Period: 7/1(Sat)~7/9(Sun)
Time: 7:30~

《Lotus Festival》
Period: 7/8(Sat)・7/9(Sun)
Time: 9:00~11:00


《Opening early Morning》
Period: 7/2(Sat)~7/10(Sun)
Time: 7:30~

《Lotus Festival》
Period: 7/9(Sat)・7/10(Sun)
Time: 9:00~11:00

《Opening early Morning》
《Lotus Festival》
*no data


Lotus Festival information

There are several event on 2 days of Lotus Festival.

【Event of Lotus Festival】
・Zobihai *Using Lotus stem as straw for drinks (fee JPY 100)
・Guiding of Lotus
・Exhibition of Lotus flower (blooming sample)
・Making Paper Fan

ZO (elephant) BI (nose) HAI (cup)

Zobihai drinks : Wine, soft drinks.
*No alcohol for Underage


Blooming info. and Official site information

For detail information, see below

Nagai Botanical Garden

Open-Close, Entrance fee


Blooming information